Our Story

I didn't just hide, I ran 

Like many, I ran. I ran from myself for 22 years of my life, method acting my way through my formative years, pretending to be someone I wasn’t. In the process I buried emotions deep inside that boiled up, through my angst I hurt loved ones and missed out on many childhood experiences. When I finally felt courageous enough to come out I lost a few very important people and even contemplated the thought of ending it all. I never want another kid to feel unworthy or unaccepted because of their orientation, so I created a gay family.

The Alphabet Mafia is the first brand for the LGBTQ+ community and ally’s, by LGBTQ+ individuals. Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming space for individuals of all backgrounds and orientations, and to provide support for those that are struggling with their identity. We want our logo to serve as a beacon for members of the community and anyone feeling lost, alone or afraid. Because in The Alphabet Mafia you are never alone, you are the hero.

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