The Alphabet Mafia Year in Review: Our Rainbow

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Amidst a year of turmoil, tragedy, and global trauma; a streaming light shines through. It touches all the corners of the world with its creation of a safe space, community, and home for any and every LGBTQ+ family member. 

It is: The Alphabet Mafia.

At its inception one year ago today, The Alphabet Mafia began as an LGBTQ+ brand “creating pride clothing for you.” However, as you all tuned in and shared your stories and experiences, it has become so much more. The Alphabet Mafia is a home, a safety, a community. 



Thank you for one year in business. Alphabet Mafia is giving away hoodies, stickers and a book to celebrate. ##alphabetmafia ##lgbt ##lgbtq ##queertiktok

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Over this past year we’ve learned from each other and pushed the narrative surrounding the LGBTQ+ community to be one of acceptance, progression, and inclusion. We’ve created relationships in comment sections, learned about our history via TikTok, and inspired each other in our own individual ways. We’ve created a home. A community. A family. 

A rainbow, from the coalescence of each and every one of you. 

Diving into its second year, The Alphabet Mafia will continue to grow its family. In podcasts, interviews, and journalism, we will keep pushing the narrative towards progress and acceptance, alongside you - our family. 

You all are the joy within The Alphabet Mafia. Every time someone stands in who they truly are, the world becomes a better place. 

You make the world a brighter place.

You make The Alphabet Mafia. 

So on this birthday, we would like to thank you.

Thank you for joining this journey.

Thank you for letting us meet you.

Thank you for being a part of our rainbow.

~ The Alphabet Mafia 

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