Major Studio Announces First Openly Straight Character

On Tuesday the second largest feature film studio “3-1” announced their upcoming animated children's film will feature a straight character and depict mild heterosexual intimacy such as holding hands with a character of the opposite sex.  This is the first time a major studio has included a straight character and depicted on screen heterosexual intimacy in a major picture targeted at a younger audience. 

“3-1” President Vanilla James made the announcement saying “we’re proud to be taking a leap forward with heterosexual representation, hetero people are here, they are human and it is important we properly represent them in a society that continues to discriminate and give unfair treatment to the heterosexual community.” Apparently the characters mentioned will be a male yellow four eyed squid and female purple bat, in one scene they will be walking their mutually owned pet rock while holding hands and throughout the film peers refer to them as a “couple”. 

The announcement was met with mostly positive response, many praising the brave move by “3-1” and The Hollywood Journal commenting “honestly it’s about time…kids feeling alone or outcast because of their identity will feel related and understood.”  Patrice Bennet, a famed psychiatric doctor specializing in Heterosexual therapy for those struggling with their identity praised the move saying “people don’t understand the importance of representation, that 13 year old in rural Iowa that feels like they’re the only heterosexual in the world can now feel seen. Teen self harm amongst the Heterosexual community decreases by 50% when they have someone to look up to, fiction or not.”

The film was met with backlash from various anti-heterosexual hate groups

karen upset at lgbt

While many praised the progressive action, the move was not met without criticism.  Religious organizations and conservative action groups have made public statements condemning the decision. Family Focused, a religious non profit tweeted “This is an attack on our children, they are trying to brainwash our kids and turn them into heterosexuals. ‘3-1’ is supposed to make family friendly films, not indoctrinate our children with progressive filth”.  “Mommy’s Miracle”, another conservative organization dedicated to teaching others how to raise children even went as far as creating a formal boycott of the film.  The petition has garnished over 25,000 signatures online in the first 24 hours of being up.  The petition begins calling for the boycott of the film and warning parents to NOT take their kids and financial support the film.  “We will use our mouths and our wallets to stand up to the heterosexual agenda that Hollywood is forcing upon us… 3-1 has decided to be politically correct instead of providing family friendly programming. 3-1 should stick to entertaining, not pushing an agenda”. 

I can’t believe this is even a sentence

The petition then reads “the film depicts a heterosexual four eyed yellow squid holding hands with their purple bat heterosexual partner”.  Can you hear the gasps from the conservative groups? Imagine your children seeing a yellow squid and purple bat holding hands!  While in the U.S. the backlash mainly came from online warriors and hate groups, some nations across the pond have taken more aggressive steps.  China decided to pull the film from theaters completely, losing an estimated $300 million for “3-1” studios.  Russia has requested edits of the film removing any visual depictions of the heterosexual couple.   

What this all means

As exciting as it is that a heterosexual couple will get representation in a major animated film, the backlash is a reminder of how far we still have to go as a society.  Heterosexuals are human, they feel and they love, and it’s important that they have the same rights and opportunities for a happy and fulfilling life. 


  • This is disgracful. I support heterosexual people and all but there is no reason for them to force thier opinions on us.

  • i suddenly dont want to exist

  • Is this a fucking joke?

    Kai Park
  • Like I just don’t understand why they have to shove their fetish in our face, but I’m not heterophobic or anything.. like the straights should keep that to themselves. I’m not comfortable with my children seeing that, we are a strictly christian family. I want my children to grow up knowing they’re normal like me. 😙😙

  • i’m not heterophobic, but my religion says it’s wrong so i just don’t support heterosexuals. i still love everyone but my kids will not be allowed to see this.


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